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present the short AutoDesc of an item when editing its description
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As I write this, the description for Q2045965 (Padma Sachdev) is

Early life

(sic). The short description that AutoDesc produces is

Indian author and autobiographer (*1940); Padma Shri and Sahitya Akademi Award; spouse of Surinder Singh ♀

When someone clicks [Edit] on Q2045965, Wikidata should present that AutoDesc short description so that:

  • the editor can copy & paste from it
  • the editor can see some standardization (T106023)
  • the AutoDesc short description sets a quality bar that the editor's manual description needs to surpass.

I think the same applies to T90765: Make app Wikidata description editable.

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We'll not be having automatic descriptions on Wikidata built into Wikibase at this point. Among the reasons:

  • There are a lot more pressing issues to take care of
  • They still need a lot of work to be acceptable in terms of quality
  • They still need a lot of work to give good results in the large number of languages Wikidata intends to support