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[bug] items appear twice in search suggester dropdown after duplicate API request
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I am seeing items twice in's search suggester drop-down.
In a new Firefox private window, visit, click in the search box, and type "Padma Sa".
Most of the time duplicate results appear in the dropdown list of suggestions under the search field:

Wikidata doubled search suggestions bug.png (566×580 px, 40 KB)

Watching the network traffic in the development console, there are two identical API requests for action=wbsearchentities of "Padma", then two identical requests for "Padma S" and then two identical searches for "Padma Sa":

once there are few enough results, you see the results from the second API request appended in the search suggester dropdown.

This also happens when I type "Albert Ein", I get two sets of 6 results returned, and the search dropdown combines them. Yet sometimes I only see one API request and the search dropdown shows unique matches, until I type more or backspace. If I paste a search string it seems there's reliably only one request. Maybe overlapping key and change events are causing this.
I haven't looked at the code, but the duplicate API requests might be revealing some search results API issues:

  • consider aborting API requests in flight if a new request obsoletes them.
  • don't make the same API request twice
  • also don't specify a misleading "falsy" value with continue=0, just continue= is fine

This sounds much like T109697: [Bug] suggestions show up twice in entity suggester, but happening in a different place.

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