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Blacklist .mht and .mhtml extensions
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Author: ekb87ds02

Here's another useful Internet Explorer extension: mhtml, or mht for short.
These are html and supporting files in a container.

I'm not sure if internet explorer considers these to be in the same domain as
the webpage hosting it (for xss purposes), but mediawiki should probably have
this file type in its default blacklist anyway.

Most of these files start with an html file, so they are caught by the filter
that searches the first part of the file for html code. It can contain anything
though, so it might start with for instance an image, so it wouldn't be caught.

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Severity: enhancement



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lcarsdata wrote:

Adds mhtml, mhtm, and mht to the default file blacklist

This patch adds mhtml, mhtm and mht. I have added mhtm just in case as this is
in a similar form to htm and may be used in future.