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UploadWizard should provide a front-end for {{OtherDate}}
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From COM:Village Pump:

A recent change to the upload wizard seems to require users to enter an exact, day-precise date. This is of no use for artworks dated to, say "1883" or ""before 1932", or any value including "circa". My workaround is to enter a random date and manually fix after upload; my worry is that novice editors will take the former step but not the latter. Where was this change discussed? Andy Mabbett (talk) 12:21, 21 August 2015 (UTC)

There are many situations where a simple day like 2015-08-24 doesn't work as a creation date, mostly for older works where the specific date is not known. The older the work is, the less important the specific date becomes, with something like "14th century" being perfectly fine. Basically, Upload Wizard should provide a front-end for everything covered in Template:Other date, probably accessible through an "advanced" button.

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You can click the cog icon next to the field to switch to a freeform text field.

Our direction is towards cross-wiki uploads, which means bespoke support for one wiki's templates is not quite right. We could make it more obvious that you can supply a non-date by changing the 'cog' icon to something else?

I'd note that with structured data free-form text wouldn't be allowed. Something to consider.

Alright, if free-form is possible, {{otherdate}} is possible through that as well. A front end would've been nice to have but I can see your point. This would probably be an absolute "must have" for Structured Data though, hope the people working on it are aware of that?

I believe so. For example, on Wikidata, you can specify the "precision" for each date: day, month, year, decade, century, millenium, and a few bigger units up to a billion years.

Yes, you can say "1923-04-20" or "April 1923" or "1923" or "1920s" but you can't say "c. 1920" or "before 1923" or "between 20th and 23rd April 1923".