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Remove certain items from long-press menu?
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This is a continuation of the discussion from T107839.

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@JKatzWMF's last comment:

@Dbrant 2 minor notes about these options, as there are a lot of them and we should consider paring it down to the most essential use cases.

It seems to me that a user who has not yet visited a link might want to open or save it, but is unlikely to want to share it. Would you share an article without clicking through to ensure it is the correct one or even reading it?

Similarly, I don't fully understand the use case behind the 'copy link address' mechanism I see here and elsewhere.

  1. User is in App and wants to share (the article they have not read), but doesn't see the share button?
  2. Same user then exits the app and opens up an email/chat/etc and pastes the link in...

(this seems like a sharp edge case)


  1. User doesn't like the app and wants to open the page up in a browser in order to access other wp features.

(again, why would someone want to do this without visiting the page first)



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