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[epic] worldpay 1 hour test in France
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I have a few suggestions on how we can improve the French WP form.

#1. Changing the second 'CONTINUER' button for 'CONFIRMER' , Continue gives you the impression that you will be able to confirm the donation on the next page. Pats had the same suggestion in English. Just want to make sure we also apply it in French.

#2. Change "Code de sécurité de votre carte de crédit" for "Cryptogramme". Find attached a couple of examples of forms from some of the biggest e-commerce sites in France. They all use "Cryptogramme"

#3. Can we create a French version of the security code image? Maybe we can use one of the images here attached as a base?

#4. To make it shorter we can change "Nom du titulaire de la carte" for "Titulaire de la carte"

Thank you!

Ppena added a subscriber: Ppena.Sep 25 2015, 8:01 PM

@jrobell Thanks for all this data. I will send it over to WP, as this is all part of the iframe and they have control over it.

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