Uploading an image which has been deleted gives "file with this name exists" warning
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Author: gunter.schmidt

When you upload a picture, that had been in the database, you get a warning, the picture exists, even
though is does not.


  1. Upload a picture successfully.
  2. Delete the Image:article.png. The corresponding image file is physically removed.
  3. Restore Image:article.png (you acutally need to restore the image article first). "No file by this

name exists, you can upload it."

  1. Click on the upload it - link and upload the image again.
  2. Warning: "A file with this name exists already, please check Image:example.gif if you are not sure if

you want to change it."

At this point it would be better to display the error message which comes if you do not restore the
article, but upload a picture with the name of the deleted article. It just gives a warning, that a
previous version had been uploaded.

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Severity: normal

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Done in r20490.

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