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Rename "simple" wikis to "en-simple"
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The English Wikipedia and the Simple English Wikipedia use the same language code for lang attribute.

This creates issues for ContentTranslation, such as T105072 and T103983, and in general it's just not the same language.

These issues could be fixed on the ContentTranslation side, and maybe they will be, but other wikis in language variants use different codes, for example be/be-tarask, and so should Simple English.

en-simple is now a standard language code.

There may also be the issue of how search engines and translation engines see the site, so tagging Discovery.

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So... "simple" is now a standard IETF subtag:

It became one thanks to this bug.

And this means that "en-simple" is now a standard language code, and en-simple can be defined as the language code of the Simple English Wikipedia, and the domain can be renamed to, as far as standards go.

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Added some sysops, I'd love to get their opinions.

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Let us know if this comes to fruition - and we'll do what is needed at that time. I've moved it to our later column.

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per krinkle

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I took part in the discussion to standardize the -simple subtag and would love to see more adoption. Wikipedia could be an important step e.g. to get assitive technology vendors to add support. So I would very much like to see this issue fixed. Is there anything I can do to help?

I guess $wgExtraLanguageCodes in DefaultSettings.php would have to be changed to map "simple" to "en-simple". What would be the exact consequences of this change? What else is needed?

Thank you!

There's currently a technical blocker that prevents domain renaming. It has a lot to do with the Wikidata project, and it's not trivial. Once it's resolved, Simple English Wikipedia will probably be among the first to be renamed.

As far as I understand, this ticket is about changing the lang attribute. Changing the subdomain is a separate task, isn't it?

Mmmm... Maybe it could be considered, although I'd be cautious.

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Once it's resolved, Simple English Wikipedia will probably be among the first to be renamed.

I doubt if you just decided so, because in Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Simple English Wikipedia (3) many users are providing their opinions to merge this Wikipedia back to enwiki.

It would be nice if it were folded into en.wp for many reasons but I think there is simply too much inertia for that to happen. This task should assume that the third proposal to close it will fail like the first two.

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