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Change the </> button in Flow to something more intuitive, perhaps a text label for the button
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The switcheditor button, for switching between wikitext and visual editor modes, is currently not intuitive.
Experienced editors who want to write their posts in wikitext, are not finding the button at all easily.
A number of editors have been confused about this.

I never clicked that. Looks like right floating code editor button. -

It's only because I was certain there *had* to be a way to switch to wikitext that I tried the </> symbol, and that certainty only came with years of having been around. -

IMHO the icon "</>" is not intuitive. -

And I just realised what the "</>" was for: switching between the text-based version of the message and the pretty version. -

and others.

Possible Solutions

  • Perhaps use a text string? (clearest)
  • Perhaps also use the same icon as VE does for switching to wikitext?

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Subfader in the first example, links to ("Try Icon Labels instead of opening for interpretation.") which seems like a well-detailed and good pattern.