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Auto numbering of headers not working correctly on Special:Statistics page.
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[[MediaWiki:Statistics-footer]] defines another headline, which is
not numbered in [[Spezial:Statistics]] even if auto header
numbering is enabled in the [[Special:Preferences]] for the user.
The other two headlines do have numbers.

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robchur wrote:

Not all headlines on the page are parsed at the same time; this would be more evident to the user if the page counters were enabled, since the suppressed "page views" section would be shown.

The simple solution is to prepare the full text for the page and parse it in one go.

thomas.dalton wrote:


I think this does what you suggest. Two possible things wrong with it:

  1. The makeTitleSafe bit probably isn't needed now it's wikitext not HTML, but I'm not sure, so I left it there
  2. I've removed the direction mark, but I'm not if I should have or not

Please let me know if they need changing. Thanks!

attachment patch9026.diff ignored as obsolete

thomas.dalton wrote:


New patch with my two questions fixed (thanks Tim!).


robchur wrote:

Fixed in r25039, r25040.