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We need this beta subdomain to behave like There are a few things hitting the beta meta mobile URL and no such host exists, which is breaking some urgent smoke testing we'd like to do on CentralNotice.

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I looked at for deployment-prep and could not see how the *non-mobile* domain is configured. When you go to "Add host name" there is a strange "DNS domain" dropdown, which seems to be related to Special:NovaDomain (requires cloudadmin access) - I found some interesting things in the result of var_dump( OpenStackNovaDomain::getAllDomains() );, including a reference to ('m-wikimedia-beta' DNS domain option in the dropdown)

Since this is urgent, I used "Add host name" on deployment-cache-mobile04, and added a 'meta' host with the m-wikimedia-beta domain. now shows the domain not configured error instead

alex@alex-laptop:~/Development/Wikimedia/Operations-Puppet (master)$ grep "m\." modules/mediawiki/files/apache/beta/* -R
modules/mediawiki/files/apache/beta/sites/www.wikipedia.conf:    ServerName
alex@alex-laptop:~/Development/Wikimedia/Operations-Puppet (master)$

I think someone just forgot to set up these apache configs properly. Or perhaps they forgot we're not just wikipedia...
Also, why is the only file in modules/mediawiki/files/apache/beta/sites beginning 'www.' the wikipedia one?

I guess all of the MediaWiki sites in beta (which aren't under * should be set up in apache config to have mobile subdomains too.

I don't want to mess around with puppet on beta right now, since the disk on the puppetmaster may be corrupt.

Woohoo, removing the blocked task link so you can finish cleaning up the docs etc.--the test banners appear now, e.g.

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Confirmed working. Blindingly fast!

Sorry, reading Krenair's comments I see that there might be more work to do here, once the puppet corruption is resolved.

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I just did, set up *, and removed the individual hosts I had created for meta and commons