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Make quickbarSettings localizable through Special:Allmessages
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Currently, the five names of the quickbar position settings (in English:
'None', 'Fixed left', 'Fixed right', 'Floating left', 'Floating right') can
only be localized by editing the MessagesXx.php file, not through the user
interface (Special:Allmessages).

This is due to the fact that those strings are currently not stored in the
messages array but in a separate array (quickbarSettings).

The patch moves those messages to the messages array and thus makes them
localizable like any other message in the MediaWiki namespace.

(Note: The quickbar position settings are only visible in Special:Preferences
when the skin that is displayed is either 'cologneblue' or 'standard'.)

This patch also removes a duplicate message from MessagesEn.php and includes
some other updates for the Latin language (la).


Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement



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