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mw 1.25.1 and 1.25.2 Unable to Create Thumbnails
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This is the issue from [] .

After I upgraded my mediawikis into mw-1.25.1, When I make upload images, mw itself unabled to make thumb files into /images/thumb. In one of my wiki, even /images/thumb directory itself do not exist. When I make appropriate directories and make thumb files - it works. But after I updated one of wiki - opened one - into mw-1.25.2, the same problem exists. so I think that these problems connected with 1.25 releases itself. Images when I uploaded during mw-1.24.1 normally shows thumbnail files which was requested previously(If you see, 320px and 800px thumbnails exists, but another thumbnails does not .

sample pages :

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Now I think this problems connected with rewrite.

@ellif: What is confidential about this problem that made you set "Security" to "Other confidential issue" here? As is fully public already.

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I'm closing this task as invalid as I have no idea yet why this is not discussed in instead - debug instructions have been provided and "I could not make install imagemagick." implies that there is no bug in MediaWiki but instead a support request.

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