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Spike (2 hours): Decide on placement for QuickSurveys on Mobile
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T107597 specifies that the QuickSurveys will appear below the Lead section on mobile. @JKatzWMF recently brought up that placement after the lead section will have an inherent bias, particularly with regards to questions about "why did you come here" since long lead sections would push that question down.

We'll still move forward with getting the project to the beta cluster & through security review, but this should be addressed.

Spike: 2hr
Sit down with Kaity and Anne and decide on the placement.
Code afterwards to implement changes
Document results of meeting on this task so it can be signed off.
Do a 0.2.1 release.

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@Jdlrobson how about putting under first paragraph where possible? Even if it's below box/image, that'll be a bit more consistent/higher in the page than after the first section.

Should we schedule some time next week?

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I have setup a meeting. Please respond to calendar invite!

Alright - so placement for our first question should be after the lead paragraph on mobile. We want the question to be close to the top of the page so that the placement doesn't bias who we get answers from too much.

If it's trivial to add more options, we could also have after lead section and at end of article, but those are less important for the first survey.

Forgetting customisation for a minute let's just focus on the case where we want to show it in the first section.

  • What if there is no lead paragraph?
  • what if the section begins with an infobox? Do we show it after the infobox or after the first paragraph?
    • and how would this look on desktop where infoboxes are floated to the right?
  • same question for if the article begins with an image.

Currently we show them above infobox or first thumb. If neither are available we stick it at the bottom of the lead section and before the first heading.

There are a bunch of articles on beta labs prefixed with Quick Survey. It might be better to define desktop/,tablet and mobile behaviour for all of them which you consider wrong.


Changes needed:


On desktop: survey appears floated to right above the image of the cat
On mobile: survey appears above the image of the cat

  1. When the screen resolution is less thn 768px a survey will always be inserted after the first paragraph if available. If not, it will follow the same existing logic