Make it easy to find existing citations in the body of an article
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Use case:

Somewhere on this page is a citation written by Alice Expert. That citation contains a typo that you want to fix. In wikitext, you would open the whole page and search for a string of text that you know is present: the author's name, the typo, the title, the URL, etc.

But how can you find the citation in VisualEditor? VisualEditor's "Find" can't see either the footnote number or the contents of the ref. The browser's Find can see the contents of the ref – but down in the <references/> block, and you can't edit the citation from there, and clicking the ↑ link in the ref block does not take you to the footnote's location in the text. Cite > Re-use lets you search for refs, but it doesn't show you where they are located.

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