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Newsletter extension: Technical review
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I would suggest marking the tasks in 'Done' or 'Patched' depending on the status.

@Qgil Do you think instead we should create phabricator tasks ? ( There will be quite a lot )

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Marking items as {{done}} in the wiki page is enough. If there are items that take a significant amount of work, or are depending on existing Phabricator tasks, then we can create new tasks for them.

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Marking as Low priority only because we have agreed to focus first in T110642: Implement all the features required for running the Newsletter extension in Wikimedia.

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From today's weekly meeting:

<tinajohnson> So basically we have and left to finish off all the features
<tinajohnson> so the feature complete section will be done soon !
<qgil> tinajohnson, the two tasks you are linking look like "minor"
<qgil> I'm thinking when can we start the request
<tinajohnson> qgil: yeah they are
<addshore> I'll try and have another look over the whole extension in the next few days and see if anything catches my eye that needs to be done
<tinajohnson> qgil: hm, I'm guessing by the next meeting
<tinajohnson> addshore: Thanks!
<qgil> ok, sounds good.
<tinajohnson> qgil: I say next week, because we need to get the patches reviewed as well and new requests might come in any time
<tinajohnson> one of them has patch submitted
<qgil> Maybe we don't need to have everything fixed/reviewed before starting the technical review
<qgil> because that process will take time
<qgil> and we (well, you) :) can keep working while we get the feedback
<tinajohnson> oh okay, so do you want to start it before next Thursday ?
<qgil> No, I think next Thursday is fine
<tinajohnson> Great (exams end on Wednesday :))
<qgil> Meanwhile we can discuss at whether there are any strict blocker for starting the technical review
<tinajohnson> sure
<qgil> (I s there a time of the year when Indian students are not doing exams?) :D
<tinajohnson> probably not :)
<tinajohnson> is a blocker for sure
<qgil> I have to check the technical review process in detail, but maybe we can start with a list of known bugs identified.
<qgil> I mean, only the security review will take waiting time, that is why I want to start soon, now that UI and feature-wise it is basically complete
<tinajohnson> When you say bugs, the ones that are not in here ?
<qgil> No, I mean those
<qgil> but the technical review will not bother about all of them
<tinajohnson> ah okay

@Qgil as this is a subtask of the deployment goal I assume it is complete and can be closed?

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I think all relevant technical issues have been resolved. If new technical issues are found, they should be submitted as new tasks.