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if zoomed in gitblit completely hides the "repository url" and git menu
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From an extension page I followed the "repo summary" link to , but I couldn't see a link in gitblit to clone the code.
It turns out if you're zoomed in in Firefox or chromium-browser, gitblit's Summary window simply hides "repository url" and the [Git v] dropdown underneath it. They don't seem to be moved to an overflow menu or hamburger icon, they vanish from the UI.

Workaround: zoom out, but you don't know what you're missing. "Guess I'll skip this project and join another that will let me clone it."

Filed upstream, with screenshot, as . Note WMF intends to Gitblit-Deprecate , and T108864: Update templates to link to Diffusion, not gitblit.

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The gitblit software powering is in the process of being replaced by Phabricator Diffusion. See:

T111465: [keyresult] Deprecate gitblit in favor of Diffusion
Project: Gitblit-Deprecate