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Update refinery PageviewDefinition to account for link previews in apps.
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The pageview definition needs to be updated to account for link previews with which the users will engage in our app.

Relevant source files:

In add a new method isAppPreview(). Create a new class

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Change 234937 had a related patch set uploaded (by BearND):
Add isAppPreview to pageview definition

Change 234937 abandoned by BearND:
Add isAppPreview to pageview definition

will resubmit

Change 234938 had a related patch set uploaded (by BearND):
Add isAppPreview to pageview definition

Added iOS project since they might want to update the preview definition as well. Not sure how the iOS preview request differs from the Android one.

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The discussion on Gerrit has introduced some new options.
We want to be more explicit about page preview events:
The apps can add an X-Analytics header to the request with a specific value, e.g. "preview".
Eventually, this should use EventLogging instead since for the iOS case (and probably Android later, too) we might prefetch several preview entries without a user necessarily looking at them all. I'm going to let @Dbrant and @Fjalapeno continue this discussion and any related patches.

EventLogging does not need to play part here, we do not need to send events that validate to an schema to count pageviews. We can count pageviews easily with plain requests tagged with an additional header. Using X-analytics seems best as it is already used and parsed by current infrastructure.

Edit: I think @bearND was talking about the new "scalable events system" rather than current EL incarnation.

@bearND, yes, X-Analytics for now. If you sent preview=1 in the header, we could easily distinguish mobile app pageviews from mobile app page previews that way. The patch you already have in Gerrit would need some small changes, to take the x_analytics_map as a parameter and inspect it for preview=1. But we can help with any of that. We don't want you to be blocked on this at all, so please ping me on IRC if you submit new code and are waiting on me for review or if I'm not responding to anything here.

@Milimetric I think we could use some serious help from your team with how to use the X-Analytics header instead in the UDF code. It's not passed in and I don't know who to hook it up without spending too much time on it.

Please ping us on irc as needed, on analytics channel (wikimedia-analytics).
Do you have permits to stats1002 so you can test your code?

Change 234938 abandoned by Nuria:
Add isAppPreview to pageview definition

Changes WIP by analytics here:

Removing iOS from this ticket, as we are not implementing a custom link preview view.