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I see inconsistent Wikidata entries in the watchlist in hewiki, enwiki, and cswiki
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I see Wikidata entries in my watchlist in the Hebrew Wikipedia. I cannot see them in the English and Czech Wikipedias, even though I followed the same articles and enabled the "Show Wikidata edits in your watchlist" preference.

It's possible that I misunderstand something about how the watchlist works, but in any case it's confusing.

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I do see them on cswiki. Maybe you don't watch articles that have been influenced by Wikidata recently.

You are right that this is a bug, the edit appeared on my watchlist when I added it (and is broken as described in T110823).

Sorry, I misread the title. (I thought you could help in hewiki but that is not the place where the problem was.)
@Amire80: please test.

Very curious... Now I see Wikidata changes in cs and he Wikipedias, but not in en.

@Amire80, please do something for me.

  • Open the page in some wiki where something is missing.
  • Press F-12.
  • Open the code inspector tab.
  • Find the exact place in html where the missing text should be.
  • Open collapsed tags, if needed.
  • Check if missing text is still there, but is not shown - .hide(); or visibility:unvisible or display:none.

I'm asking because I saw such things when working on WLM.

I'm seeing something odd.

I added the article Augustus to my watchlist in Hebrew, English, and Czech.

  • In en.wikipedia I see the Wikidata edit "Language link removed: ti:አውግስጦስ" on July 30.
  • In cs.wikipedia I see the Wikidata edits "‎Vytvořeno tvrzení: Property:P3417: Augustus-Roman-emperor" on July 31 and three more edits on July 30:
    • "‎Nastaveny aliasy pro [es]: César Augusto, Emperador César Augusto, Cayo Octavio, Gayo Octavio, Octaviano, Cayo Julio César, Gayo Julio César"
    • ‎"Změněn štítek pro [es]: Augusto"
    • "Odstraněn mezijazykový odkaz: ti:አውግስጦስ" (this is the only one that I see in English)
  • In he.wikipedia I see the same things as in cs.wikipedia.

@IKhitron - where am I supposed to see hidden elements?

In the code inspector, inbetween other nodes. Do you, @Amire80?

  • In en.wikipedia I see the Wikidata edit "Language link removed: ti:አውግስጦስ" on July 30.

So the title of this task is no longer true.

Ahem. The title with which it was opened is no longer true, but the essence is still kind of there: different information is shown.

Amire80 renamed this task from I see Wikidata entries in the watchlist in hewiki, but not in enwiki or cswiki to I see inconsistent Wikidata entries in the watchlist in hewiki, enwiki, and cswiki.Jul 31 2017, 2:13 PM

Each wiki demands different changes to have shown, I guess. Note that it takes more time to propagate changes to watchlists on enwiki these days because of T171263.

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I am going to mark this as resolved because it seems we have several issues here intermingled in one - some of them solved and some of them unclear. There are going to be different things in the watchlist because that is what people want. They want only the changes relevant to their wiki. We had issues with the speed of changes showing up in the watchlists but those should be ok now too. So I hope we're good here.

No problem, makes sense to me.

I haven't experienced this bug in a while.

Thanks! :)