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Special:WhatLinksHere with "Media" namespace URLs throws an exception (HTTP 500)
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URLs of the form Special:WhatLinksHere/Media:Shellfish.jpg fail with the following error:

Original exception: [2e097b64] /wiki/index.php/Special:WhatLinksHere/Media:Shellfish.jpg MWException from line 56 of C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\includes\MWNamespace.php: MWNamespace::getTalk does not make any sense for given namespace -2
#0 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\includes\MWNamespace.php(109): MWNamespace::isMethodValidFor(integer, string)
#1 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\includes\Title.php(1332): MWNamespace::getTalk(integer)
#2 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\includes\skins\Skin.php(247): Title->getTalkPage()
#3 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\includes\skins\Skin.php(172): Skin->preloadExistence()
#4 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\Vector\SkinVector.php(47): Skin->initPage(OutputPage)
#5 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\includes\skins\SkinTemplate.php(233): SkinVector->initPage(OutputPage)
#6 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\includes\OutputPage.php(2318): SkinTemplate->outputPage()
#7 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\includes\MediaWiki.php(685): OutputPage->output()
#8 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\includes\MediaWiki.php(474): MediaWiki->main()
#9 C:\Users\Alan\Documents\Programming\MediaWiki\core\index.php(41): MediaWiki->run()
#10 {main}

Was fixed in rSVN103450 (November 2011) but has regressed.

What is interesting is that on WMF sites, this doesn't show the usual "Wikimedia Foundation error" page, but instead shows a quasi-plain text response of a kind that I have never seen before: The HTML source of the returned page is exactly the following:

MediaWiki internal error.<br />
<br />
Exception caught inside exception handler.<br />
<br />
Set $wgShowExceptionDetails = true; at the bottom of LocalSettings.php to show detailed debugging information.<br />

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Change 238775 had a related patch set uploaded (by Florianschmidtwelzow):
Extend Title check in Skin for titles without associated titles

Change 238775 merged by jenkins-bot:
Extend Title check in Skin for titles without associated titles

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