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Parsoid tripped up by extensions that process wikitext
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Parsoid currently relies on the api=parse Mediawiki endpoint to handle extensions. This works well in most scenarios. However, if the extension is wikitext-based (ex: <gallery>), then, it can be a source of some headaches. Specifically, <ref>s in those extensions become opaque to Parsoid since they are being processed by M/W Cite.php rather than Parsoid's native Cite handler.

This shows up as bug reports like T74865, T62340, and T93580#1589644 (among others that are either unreported or will be reported).

The obvious fix is to register Parsoid-native extension handlers for those extensions that process wikitext.

There is no obvious generic fix for these. This has to be handled on a case-by-case basis for all such extensions. Specifically, writing a native <gallery> extension has been on the cards for Parsoid for a while. Something to tackle sooner than later.

I am going to leave this high-level ticket open as a tracker ticket for all such extensions.

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I am going to close this task since it is not very actionable as it stands. The subtasks that target specific extensions that need Parsoid support are actionable, and there is no benefit from this tracker task wrt project planning.