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Considerations for supporting job queue use cases with the unified event bus
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Our job queue system has some unique functionality for job execution that we'll need to consider in the design and transition towards a more general change propagation service. Additionally, the job runner directly interacts with the existing job queue, which will need to be changed if we are to abstract job dispatching into a separate service.

Job de-duplication

The job queue provides several mechanisms to reduce duplicate work:

  • a root job signature hash
  • a root job timestamp

Both root and leaf jobs are typically de-duplicated using this information. Newer jobs abort both root & leaf jobs corresponding to an older job with the same job signature.


There are two levels of batching:

  • Each leaf job typically processes $wgUpdateRowsPerQuery titles.
  • The JobRunner pops & processes several jobs of a given type in a loop.

Each job runner run is triggered by a HTTP request to Special:RunJobs.

Delayed jobs

There is some support for running jobs after a delay.

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The Event-Platform and ChangeProp now supports everything listed here, so I'm resolving this task

@Pchelolo, what is the equivalent for the delayed job functionality in ChangeProp?

@GWicke Hm.. Actually we don't have any, I've overlooked that point. But do we need it actually?