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ArticleFeedbackv5 GENDER, PLURAL, parameters issues
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The extension apparently still has some user so we won't stop people from submitting patches, but not sure what to do with these hence moving here:

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All development work on AbuseFilter version 5 (and indeed, previous versions) is halted. The project is archived, so having open tasks is inappropriate. Consequently closing all tasks.

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The issue persists for translators, hence this can't be closed for now.

@ashley, IIRC you edited the AFTv5 extension page recently. Are you or other interested in receiving localisation updates? If so, we need to fix i18n issues.

@Nemo_bis Indeed; AFTv5 is still being used on Brickipedia and to the best extent of my knowledge, we aren't considering undeploying it anytime soon (and IMO there shouldn't be any reason to do that, either).

That being said, AFTv5 is like any other software -- not perfect. I think it's in everyone's best interests to try to get these (and other) issues fixed. If no-one else is planning on working on this ticket, I suppose I'll look into it, but I can't give you any kind of an ETA right now.

On a related note, the messages mentioned in this ticket are most definitely not the only problematic ones -- a default installation of AFTv5 has 14 (!) messages which point to Since the majority, if not all, of those are used in JS, just lazily swapping those messages to use {{fullurl:}} or something isn't an option, sadly. Maybe we'll need to totally refactor those parts of the codebase and make use of mw.util.getUrl or somesuch...

Thanks; I reopened T41578 which covers that issue.

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