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Maps-l: Disable or re-assign moderators
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The list has a high number of moderation messages. It's a mix of recent use and old usage as well as relating to a project by the WMF. Seems it was administrated by an ex-WMDE employee and since never repurposed.

This is a task to track whether this should be disabled to give to the Discovery department for their maps project (or kept with all emails discarded. May be of use as it is OSM as well).

Contacted @Tfinc via email.

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JohnLewis assigned this task to Tfinc.
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JohnLewis added subscribers: Ariconte, Krenair, Dzahn and 4 others.

Maybe @Yurik is interested in this one.?

Dzahn lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Sep 1 2015, 9:16 PM

Right now were focusing our conversations using discovery@ and traffic on maps-l is really small.

I'd say consolidate it to discovery to get a bigger audience and re-open if needed. What do others think?

Wouldn't we loose all subscribers of that list? I feel that maps clients
will mostly want a "notification of changes" low traffic mailing list. So
how about we keep it around, reassign moderators to the maps' discovery
subteam, and use it for all sorts of notifications like "maps now has
"blah" feature". Also, we should promote it in the announcement email.

Wouldn't we loose all subscribers of that list?

There are 237 on that list. Technically we could mass subscribe them to the new list, but that's not nice to do without asking.
I also think you'd want to keep it.

@JohnLewis Did you try to contact Tim Bartel yet?

we started using the list again, and instantly lots of positive communication. Please reassign adminship to @MaxSem, @Tfinc, and I. Thanks!

Done. Added Max, Yurik and Tomasz. Moved Tim Bartel to moderator.

Maps-l list run by msemenik at, yurik at, tfinc at

you are reachable as a group at maps-l-owner@lists. I reset the password and sent it to that address.

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