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Determine whether wikitech should really depend on production search cluster
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When a firewall was added to the Elasticsearch servers, it blocked access from silver, causing search issues on wikitech. fixed the issue, but I wonder whether wikitech should really depend on the search cluster working at all.

I seem to recall a while back (before the lucene servers were shut down) that there was support for multiple search backends - Cirrus or Lucene (basic config options and the ability to chose them using extra parameters in the URL). I wonder if it can be made to fall back to built in MW search, or at least provide the option to use it?

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I know nothing about implementation, but I'd certainly prefer that search be self-contained on silver.

chasemp triaged this task as Medium priority.Sep 4 2015, 9:42 PM

iirc we have done other things to island off wikitech since it is the defacto place we check for information during issues. Including, for the general elasticsearch setup :)

We could run a local instance of elasticsearch?

We could run a local instance of elasticsearch?

Could we, probably. Should we, no.

If there is an easy way to configure fallback to built-in search that would be more than reasonable to configure. Longer term T161859: Make Wikitech an SUL wiki means that keeping wikitech-static up to date for emergency use is probably the real thing to focus on.

The reasons to keep it self-contained (information available if other stuff is down) are probably also mitigated by the existence of .