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Keep suggestions for later (star suggestions)
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When looking at suggestions, users may find interesting articles to translate for which they don't have time at the moment. Being able to mark those to easily find them later, helps to decouple the selection of articles from the translation activity, decreasing the chance of missing translation opportunities.

#Acceptance criteria

  1. Suggestions include a star icon that allows to mark them for later.
    1. A tooltip will show "Mark for later" when hovering the star icon.
    2. When the user clicks the star, the suggestion will be removed from the suggestion list and will be added to the "For later" list.
  2. Once there is more than one list, labels are shown for each, but not otherwise:
    1. If the suggestions is the only list shown to the user (i.e., "for later" or any other list are empty), no especial label is shown for suggestions, and empty lists are not shown in any way.
    2. If the "for later" list contains any element, the "For later" and "Suggestions for you" labels are used above the corresponding lists.
  3. Items in the "for later" list are shown in a compact way.
    1. Including an explicit "Start translating" action.
    2. Including a highlighted star to allow removing them from the "for later" list and adding them back to the suggestions list.

Additional design details

Dashboard without any translation for later:

cx-suggestions.png (829×1 px, 128 KB)

  • Since the list is empty it is not represented in any way.
  • Items in the list of suggestions have a star icon to be added to the "for later" list.

Dashboard with one translation for later:

cx-suggestions-fav.png (829×1 px, 119 KB)

The "for later" list is a default list that is useful beyond the suggestions in the dashboard. In other contexts where users can start a translation, we can consider to keep an option to "add for later". We can define separate tickets to incorporate the idea to the "New translation" dialog, red link cards and similar areas of the UI.

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WIP: Discard and favorite the suggestions

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Discard and favorite the suggestions

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