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Discard ContentTranslation suggestions
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Not all the suggestions proposed for the user to translate will be interesting for the user. Being able to discard suggestions will allow the user to filter the list and also to provide feedback for providing better recommendations the next time.

Acceptance criteria

  1. Suggestions have a discard action ("X" icon) to remove the suggestion from the list.
  2. Once a suggestion is removed, a new one is shown.

Open aspects:

  • We need to define the specific transitions for the removal/addition of suggestions. We want to communicate the status change and need to decide where is more appropriate to add the new suggestion (replacing the current one, at the top or bottom).
  • We can consider a way to express a more detailed reason for which the user discarded the suggestion (if that is useful as feedback for the recommendation algorithm). We can support this using post action options: the suggestion is removed and replaced by a panel with options (Not relevant, not interested in topics about ports, etc.). We may need also to consider ways to dismiss the intermediary step (e.g., by scrolling and/or through settings) and a link to explain why we collect such info.

dashboard-suggestions-no-fav.png (1×2 px, 172 KB)

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WIP: Discard and favorite the suggestions

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Discard and favorite the suggestions

I'd also like to be able to discard an entire class of suggestions, for instance all featured articles.

I'd also like to be able to discard an entire class of suggestions, for instance all featured articles.

Named collections will be discardable - See design

suggested-lists.png (888×660 px, 189 KB)

The featured articles (and may be some others) are going to be unnamed, bag of sugestions, shown just 10 at any point at the end of suggestions.

Named collections will be discardable - See design

Nice, thanks.

I illustrated the discarding transition below:

discard-suggestion.gif (300×652 px, 100 KB)

  • The discarded element fades moving vertically.
  • The items below in the list move up to fill the generated gap.
  • A new suggestion appears at the end of the list.

This aligns with the top-down processing direction of the list: the user moves from top to bottom acting on items (i.e.., we don't want new items to appear at the top forcing the user to keep moving up and down).

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