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Make CentralNotice banner completely believe it to be in a certain country
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Using the following URL to test a CentralNotice banner how it is shown in French in France:

The &country=FR component in the URL is there to test how a banner behaves in a certain country. However the URL in this banner links to the country I am currently located in (or the international website), and thus not showing the banner how it looks like (and links) in France. (People in France can reproduce this bug by using the country code NL instead, they should then NOT get the French website, but the Dutch.)

Please make it possible that the banner is shown in the way it actually is. This is the only way for CentralNotice admins to test if a banner works correctly.

I assume somewhere the system should fake an French IP address or something, instead of what it currently does.

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For fundraising banners I use the following snippet:

if( mw.util.getParamValue("country") ) { = mw.util.getParamValue("country");

However it would be nice if CentralNotice did this automatically.

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You can now use in the banner code, instead of This will use the country parameter if it was specified in the URL, otherwise falling back to geolocation.