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Allow langlinks to redirects in -wiktionary mode
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This issue already comes from the old times of compat.
Using -wiktionary switch, when a page with the same title as the one being processed is found in a foreign wiki but it is a redirect, it is currently being ignored.
The (generally) desired behaviour is that a link to the redirect be considered as a good langlink (without it being expanded to the redirect target), keeping the same ortography as the original page title.

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Got same problem too. They always to be removed if put -force or -cleanup (and they didn't recover when got deleted). The -noredirect does not help.

Maybe this would be a separate issue, but it would also be desirable to be able to add interwiki links from redirect pages as well. These are far less important because they would only be seen if you purposely view the redirect page itself, but they would be useful for a number of reasons.

Note this issue may be made moot by T987.