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CX creates page with substituted ref tags
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which was created with

"<span class="mw-ref" id="cxcite_ref-.D0.9C.D0.B0.D1.82.D0.B2.D0.B5.D0.B5.D0.B2.E2.80.942004.E2.80.94.E2.80.9464_2-0" rel="dc:references" contenteditable="false" data-sourceid="cite_ref-.D0.9C.D0.B0.D1.82.D0.B2.D0.B5.D0.B5.D0.B2.E2.80.942004.E2.80.94.E2.80.9464_2-0">[[#cite_note-.D0.9C.D0.B0.D1.82.D0.B2.D0.B5.D0.B5.D0.B2.E2.80.942004.E2.80.94.E2.80.9464-2|<span class="mw-reflink-text"><nowiki>[2]</nowiki></span>]]</span><span class="mw-ref" id="cxcite_ref-.D0.9C.D0.B0.D1.82.D0.B2.D0.B5.D0.B5.D0.B2.E2.80.942004.E2.80.94.E2.80.9464_2-0" rel="dc:references" contenteditable="false" data-sourceid="cite_ref-.D0.9C.D0.B0.D1.82.D0.B2.D0.B5.D0.B5.D0.B2.E2.80.942004.E2.80.94.E2.80.9464_2-0"></span>.

and much more...

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Checked in CX2(where references are handled differently) along with other tickets related to issues with references - the issue seems to be resolved.