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add a link to [[Special:Undelete]] in [[Special:Log/delete]]
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I think it should be helpful for all sysops to find
direct links to [[Special:Undelete]] in [[Special:Log/delete]].

Now we must, in order to go to [[Special:Undelete]]:
– first, in [[Special:Log/delete]], to click on any 'red link'
– then, on any edit page for a deleted page,

to click on 'Restore' tab or on the other link 'on the top of the page'.

Should it be possible, in [[Special:Log/delete]], to see
direct links to [[Special:Undelete]] after each line for a deleted page,
and that those links are only seen by sysops?

I apologize if there is already any bug report about that.


Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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suisui wrote:

proposed patch for SpecialLog.php

I create a patch for this
with useing wfMsg( 'undeletepage' );