Show deletion log fragments on deletion page
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When using the protect tab or when blocking a user, the relevant log entries are
shown. It would be useful if the same happened when using the delete tab.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement

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CesarB created this task.Via LegacyFeb 27 2007, 8:15 PM
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ligulem wrote:

See [[Wikipedia talk:Requests for arbitration/Daniel Brandt deletion wheel
war#MediaWiki talk:Confirmdeletetext]] for a bit of a motivation. Several
Wikipedians in this case stated that they didn't look at the log of the page
before acting. This enhancement would help to make such situations more transparent.

bzimport added a comment.Via ConduitMar 5 2007, 11:53 PM

thomas.dalton wrote:

patch to add deletion log

Attached: my.patch

aaron added a comment.Via ConduitMar 6 2007, 12:13 AM

Applied in r20156.

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