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[AG] Implement static frontpage layout
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according to F2314968

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  • Now that I know that the logo on Drive is different from that in the Wiki (where it is in square format): Please scale the logo to 80px height, making it a bit larger that it is right now.
  • The text "Lizenzverweisgenerator" should be bold and the tagline's font size should be large enough to align in width with "Lizenzverweisgenerator".
  • The attribution should be in italics.
  • Please use German typographic quotation marks in attribution. The attribution text should be in German.
  • The background image should be scaled that it always fills the viewport (like "background-size:cover;" does).
  • The white space around the text box placeholder should have the same width/height (needs some more horizontal padding).

Seems to render nicely on tablet devices, but maybe we should think about using a slightly smaller font size targeting desktops as there is no way to decrease Arial font weight. I suggest decreasing the font sizes by 1pt in general... Are we actually targeting mobile devices from the start?

@Snaterlicious I think we decided not to support mobile devices (at least smartphones, not sure about tablets). PR for the improvements is here: