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Unexpected Category sort on French Wiktionary
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On the French Wiktionary, I notice occasional odd sort glitches. For instance, will show "Noms communs en bokobaru‎", "Noms communs en boko‎", "Noms communs en bokyi‎" despite the fact that the first two sub-categories are indexed with Catégorie:Noms communs|bokobaru‏‎ and Catégorie:Noms communs|boko, respectively. The few times this happens, it is always the case that the out-of-sequence sort key is a prolongation of the key it should go after.

Another particularly bad example is where we have danaru‎, dangaléat, dani de l’Ouest, dani de Mid Grand Valley, danois, dano, and only then dan (so we have dan moved down six slots, and dano moved down one slot).

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No, this can't be related to T88088, frwiktionary is not using an UCA collation.

The category sort keys on the affected pages have invisible Unicode control characters at the end ('LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK' (U+200E) or 'RIGHT-TO-LEFT MARK' (U+200F) or both). This affects the ordering, as expected when using the 'uppercase' collation. Removing them will fix the problem. I did it with a few pages:écial:Contributions/Matma_Rex and both of the examples given are now ordered correctly.

Here's the list of potentially affected 6081 pages (based on the latest dump), if anyone wants to run a bot to fix them: