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Special:IndexPages not shown total Index Pages in Bengali Wikisource (
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Special:IndexPages ( not show total Index Pages in Bengali Wikisource ( . Presently there are 80+ Index pages, But Special:IndexPages is showing only 61 pages.

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Thank you for this bug report. Could you give me link of an Index: page not shown in Special:IndexPages? It would help me to find the cause of this bug.

I am adding the following index pages which is not shown in Special:IndexPages







and many more....

@Tpt, this problem has been described in detail in T93397.
modifying an Index page updates Special:IndexPages with the previous revision of the Index page, so... if someone creates new Index page, the Special:IndexPages is updated only after a purge or next edit of the Index page (before that the new Index is "invisible" on Special:IndexPages).
I have refreshed page # 1 from the list and... already Index is on Special:IndexPages.

On pl ws, we use the bot to purge Index pages that were created or modified (every few hours).


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I will run Wikisource-bot through to purge all the index files, and see if that makes a difference.

@jayantanth I have purged all the Index: ns pages. Please check whether that has resolved your issue.

 $ python /shared/pywikipedia/core/scripts/ -lang:bn -family:wikisource -namespace:102 -start:\! -purge -pt:1

162 pages read
0 pages written
Execution time: 163 seconds
Read operation time: 1 seconds
Script terminated successfully.

Excellent! Thanks Billinghurst. Now its shown all index pages. Is it possible to run this bot frequently for us?

We shouldn't have to do so, though we can if there is value.

Let me do some x-language checks to see if we have other wikis with the
issue. Plus some thinking about some monitoring. I would welcome any
comment about what people see as the cause.

@Billinghurst as I mentioned in T93397, if we want to make Special:IndexPages showing the current state of quality-bars, Index: page shall be always refresh after a change of status (none ->Not proofread; Not proofread -> Proofraed...) of any Page: from the Index (as we do by bot on pl ws).
The problem is (it is not only problem with the "new" Index: ns pages) that changing status of any Page:, the Index: page is updated but Special:IndexPages is update only after a next purge or edit of the Index:, see: Special:IndexPages of The story of geographical discovery.djvu -> qualitybar (0 validated pages, 5 only proofread pages and 5 not proofread pages) while nearly all of the Pages are validated (yellow) on Index:The_story_of_geographical_discovery.djvu. The same on Special:IndexPages নির্ঘণ্ট:গীতরত্ন গ্রন্থঃ (১৮৭০)- রামনিধি গুপ্ত.djvu (28 pages->red) and Index:গীতরত্ন গ্রন্থঃ (১৮৭০)- রামনিধি গুপ্ত (40 pages -> red).
So, if you want to fix this problem by using a bot, and no change the way of Special:IndexPages refresh, bot would purge the Index: ns pages on all ws every few hours :(


P2148 is a (unix only) Pywikibot script that purges indexes pages for page: modified in the last five hours. The first time it is run on all wikis, increasing the period greater than five hours is probably a good idea.

Pages like this are usually updated once a week, try to wait until next update and see, if the missing pages were added

the Special page is solely part of ProofreadPage extension, not one of the standard specials.

@Billinghurst: Hi! This task has been assigned to you a while ago. Could you maybe share an update? Do you still plan to work on fixing this task? Thanks.

@Aklapper I did the task and had it fixed at the time, left as others were continuing part of the conversation re the consequences.

@jayantanth @Bodhisattwa is there a need for a recurring cronjob for Wikisource-bot to touch index files? Guessing if there is for bnWS, then we may have that requirement for all wikisources.

@Zdzislaw made comment about the more general issue, and I am not certain whether @Tpt has a comment in that respect to the special page. I am not certain of the best result to manage this within proofread page, though I can set the bot to run cronjobs if that is a requirement, as it should all be zero edit touches.

@jayantanth @Bodhisattwa: Ping. Could you answer the last comment, please?

Issue has occurred at enWP again, so will be running the bot through. Just amending the script line to be

this equivalent though poked to the grid

python -lang:en -family:wikisource  -namespace:106  -start:\! -purge -pt:2 -botflag

Whacking the server indiscriminately to purge cycle 17k Index: pages for enWS is not a good way to go IMNSHO.

Let us see how long it takes, and we can work out how and what needs doing holistically.

@Billinghurst Sorry for the late reply, If possible please continue run this python script automatically every.

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