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Translate Instructor Basics: How to Use Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool
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Translate the Instructor Basics brochure to languages that were not translated/not complete till now. This task is suitable for several number of people to work on everyone's language or even more than one person/language pair.

Goal: Translating 1500 words/person of the "Instructor Basics" brochure. This job is not easy to be done by one person. It is recommended to involve others to be able to get the whole brochure translated in a good time.

Translatable wiki version / print version

For specific languages, please Create Subtask from the menu on the right to make a new task for that language.

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A bit confuse in the word "sub-articles" of the following sentence - "Don’t try to improve topics that are highly controversial, like
global warming, abortion, or Scientology. Contentious topics often lead to fights on Wikipedia. Students should be encouraged to start sub-articles instead."

What does the sub mean? A smaller scale of topic then the highly controversial ones?

Closing as all subtasks are closed.