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Translate Wikipedia en el Aula booklet from Spanish to English
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To make available to more users a non-English resource and set up the infrastructure for translation to other languages.

Wikipedia en el Aula

Goal: Provide additional materials for teaching and learning about Wikipedia in Education

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Hello everyone!
From WMAR education program I´m creating a new booklet of Wikipedia in the classroom, more updated with new proposals and contents, so that version will be changed. My commitment is that when I will finish this new version (first in spanish) I´ll share and then translated into English. But be patient I still editing the new version ;) Kisses and thanks!

Hello everyone,
Last week we launched the digital publication Wikibridges: between education, digital and free culture Where we analyze the experience made in 2014 and 2015 for educator´s e-learning training or MOOC of the Wikimedia projects. I think this translation it´s going to be more useful than the old booklet. If you are agree let me know and I´m start to do it :)

Hi Melina. That looks like a good idea. I don't understand spanish very well, but since it is a helpful resource for the program it should be great for translation.

Thank you for working on it. ;)

Hi everyone. Here it´s the english version of Wikibridges, an innovative distance learning trainning about the Wikimedia´s projects. More than a publication, a hole educational experience. FYI @FloorKoudijs