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Mark education portal pages on Outreach wiki for translation
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To make Education Program portal content available to more users in more languages.

Goal: Prepare for translation pages in Category:Wikipedia Education Program.

Note: See also T111384. This should probably be done first.

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TFlanagan-WMF raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage.
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Can someone list pages that need to be marked for translation before others please? Since two categories it is actually a big deal of work (and actually not all pages in them look like good enough to be translated) so really important pages could be missed while some inessential marked.

Thanks for your comment, @Base. That's a good idea to be considered by the one who will claim this task: Marking major pages before minor ones.

Thanks for asking about this, @Base.

Yes, there is a high priority category.

I've just added some additional pages to it.

I really appreciate all your help marking these pages for translation. Translation markup is complicated and breaks wiki pages easily. Your coding has been skillful. And I am truly grateful.

@Ata, are you interested in working on this task? It will be great to use your experience as a translation admin. :)

Declining this task per T247235. Feel free to reopen and assign to yourself if you plan to work on this - thanks!