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Recruit a Collab member from India
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Recruit a WEP program leader from India to actively participate in the Education-Collab.

Goal: At least one Indian WEP program leader joins the Collab by the end of 2015.

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I've taken the liberty of approaching someone I know and could be perfect from India.
I'll update when I hear back if she's interested and you can take it from there.. :)

Ok, that was fast... :)
I give you Netha Hussain, who's already involved in both GLAM & EDU, and is interested in becoming a member. She'll be more free to actively join as of Jan 2016 but will be happy to take part in online meetings right away. She can be reached at:
nethahussain at I told her the WMF EDU team will contact her, and Tighe has already agreed to do so.

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Thank you for working on this, Shani. I have added her as a watching member (a term that I have just invented) to the Collab mailing list. She is surely welcome to participate in online meetings and discussions.

You are amazing, Shani!

Thanks, Samir, and the rest of the team for your wonderful work and support! :)

Shani, thanks for doing this so fast. I'll follow up with Netha about the steps to join the Collab, and to make sure she knows what kind of work she might be able to do. Thanks for asking her!

Merci, @Esh77. <3 This is a huge help to me. <3