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browsertests-VisualEditor-language-screenshot-os_x_10.10-firefox jenkins job failing
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00:00:26.451       WrongPass (MediawikiApi::LoginError)
00:01:06.778       Throttled (MediawikiApi::LoginError)
00:01:06.925       No such file or directory - i18n/af.json (Errno::ENOENT)

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Can you please enhance the task by:

  • giving the job URL
  • a copy paste of the console that shows the failure
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Yup seems the credentials are wrong :-( Apparently the username is LanguageScreenshotBot which is stored in Jenkins at

Maybe the user account has been updated on beta cluster?

Elitre added a subscriber: Elitre.Sep 4 2015, 10:45 AM

@hashar: I think LanguageScreenshotBot is used only for uploading files to Commons. Selenium user is used for logging in via the browser. I have just checked, passwords have not changed recently.

Oh, looks like (at least the browser) uses Selenium user as username, but LanguageScreenshotBots password. Probably the same problem happens when logging in via the API.

Change 236019 had a related patch set uploaded (by Zfilipin):
WIP Fix language screenshot Jenkins job

Looks like a recent change to macro-browsertests.yaml broke this job. Setting username explicitly, like 236019 does, fixes the problem (jenkins job diff, console).

All WrongPass (MediawikiApi::LoginError) and Throttled (MediawikiApi::LoginError) errors are gone.

No such file or directory - i18n/af.json (Errno::ENOENT) error is still there, but that is to be expected, since the file is really missing from i18n folder.

Isn't the bug that the wrong password is used? As it shouldn't share a password used in CI with one that is used on a live site?

No, the problem is that Selenium user is used as username, but then LanguageScreenshotBots's password is used.

Change 236019 abandoned by Zfilipin:
Fix language screenshot Jenkins job

hashar added a subscriber: dduvall.Sep 7 2015, 9:05 AM

The problem is the job uses the LanguageScreenshotBot user name. That is set by environment variables from the Jenkins credentials store.

In change @dduvall added to the macro:

-          export MEDIAWIKI_USER=`echo $MEDIAWIKI_CREDENTIALS | cut -f1 -d:`
-          export MEDIAWIKI_PASSWORD=`echo $MEDIAWIKI_CREDENTIALS | cut -f2- -d:`
+          MEDIAWIKI_USER=`echo $MEDIAWIKI_CREDENTIALS | cut -f1 -d:`
+          MEDIAWIKI_PASSWORD=`echo $MEDIAWIKI_CREDENTIALS | cut -f2- -d:`
           set -x
+          MEDIAWIKI_API_URL=http://{mediawiki_url}/w/api.php
+          MEDIAWIKI_URL=http://{mediawiki_url}/wiki/
+          # Let test suites running mw-selenium 1.x use their own
+          # configuration for URLs and users, but export our settings for
+          # versions 0.x
+          if [ ! -f "{folder}/browser/environments.yml" ]; then
+              export MEDIAWIKI_API_URL
+              export MEDIAWIKI_URL
+              export MEDIAWIKI_USER
+          fi
+          # Export the MW user password regardless, as passwords are not kept
+          # in test suite configurations
+          export MEDIAWIKI_PASSWORD

The VisualEditor extension does have an environments.yml , thus we only export MEDIAWIKI_PASSWORD but the MEDIAWIKI_USER is not exported.

Thus we end up running the job with the username from the yaml file but the password still from the Jenkins credential store for user LanguageScreenshotBot.

I haven't looked why this change was done but it is a regression in how mediawiki_selenium is supposed to work. The precedence is supposed to be:

  1. load from yam.file
  2. override with env variable

Only seems to impact repos that have switched to mw-selenium 1.x.

Change 236540 had a related patch set uploaded (by Zfilipin):
WIP Fix WrongPass MediawikiApi::LoginError error for VisualEditor Jenkins job

236540 is the simplest fix for the problem, until I have some time to dig deeper.

The short term fix here is to simply revert the changes made in but we should look at refactoring the JJB job into generic macros that will allow us to run the tests with and without specific user/URL parameters.

Change 236540 abandoned by Hashar:
WIP Fix WrongPass MediawikiApi::LoginError error for VisualEditor Jenkins job

From last week meeting with Dan, we want to revert or enhance it . See also my comment on T111510 #1613338

Change 240701 had a related patch set uploaded (by Zfilipin):
Revert "Let MW-Selenium 1.x use the local test suite configuration"

Change 240701 merged by jenkins-bot:
Revert "Let MW-Selenium 1.x use the local test suite configuration"

zeljkofilipin closed this task as Resolved.Sep 25 2015, 9:04 PM