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Wikibase\Repo\Store\SQL\EntityPerPageTable::{closure} creating high number of deadlocks
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There seems to be a large number of API calls to wikidata creating a high number of deadlocks like this (450/hour):

"_index": "logstash-2015.09.04",
"_type": "mediawiki",
"_id": "AU-ZFLBnIkWKhegMyoko",
"_score": null,
"_source": {
  "message": "Wikibase\\Repo\\Store\\SQL\\EntityPerPageTable::{closure}\t10.64.32.28\t1213\tDeadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction (\tINSERT  INTO `wb_entity_per_page` (epp_entity_id,epp_entity_type,epp_page_id,epp_redirect_target) VALUES ('16507538','item','22922124',NULL)",
  "@version": 1,
  "@timestamp": "2015-09-04T15:58:33.340Z",
  "type": "mediawiki",
  "host": "mw1221",
  "level": "ERROR",
  "tags": [
  "channel": "wfLogDBError",
  "url": "/w/api.php",
  "ip": "",
  "http_method": "POST",
  "server": "",
  "referrer": null,
  "uid": "4943efb",
  "process_id": 21645,
  "wiki": "wikidatawiki",
  "db_server": "",
  "db_name": "wikidatawiki",
  "db_user": "wikiuser",
  "method": "DatabaseBase::reportQueryError",
  "errno": 1213,
  "error": "Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction (",
  "sql1line": "INSERT  INTO `wb_entity_per_page` (epp_entity_id,epp_entity_type,epp_page_id,epp_redirect_target) VALUES ('16507538','item','22922124',NULL)",
  "fname": "Wikibase\\Repo\\Store\\SQL\\EntityPerPageTable::{closure}",
  "normalized_message": "Wikibase\\Repo\\Store\\SQL\\EntityPerPageTable::{closure}\t10.64.32.28\t1213\tDeadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction (\tINSERT  INTO `wb_entity_per_page` (epp_entity_id,epp_entity_type,epp_page_id,epp_redirect_target) VALUE"
"sort": [


They started on Friday 4 Sept at around 10:50 and continues 5 hours later. They are not causing issues on the infrastructure, but they seem to be interfering with themselves. We need to identify the cause: if it is legitimate traffic, change how the inserts are done; if it is abnormal traffic, maybe avoid it in the first place.

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I can confirm this slightly odd traffic is me. See epp_entity_id in the query which is 16507538 referring to Q16507538

The traffic is legitimate, but abnormal..
Generally the rate of redirect creation would be nowhere near what is has been for the past 5 hours thus I don't think we need to worry about these deadlocks!

(I'll let you see respond and close if you feel appropriate) :)

jcrespo claimed this task.

I'm more than ok with the work you are doing, I was just suggesting making the code faster :-)

I am sure there is some underlying issue and think we should look into it, to make the code more robust and capable of handling stuff such as what addshore is doing :)

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we should investigate if there is something we can do to improve the code to make it more robust.

although we have discussed discontinuing (dropping?) this table, I'm not sure we will do that anytime soon or at all.

If we want to see the exact rate we are dealing with I can probably go and pull out a number!

Also as said on IRC I asume the transactions retry when they fail due to a deadlock? Otherwise something is very odd as I only encountered 2 errors through the api in the 6 hours.

I set the priority to low "nice to fix it, but it is not breaking anything now". Feel free to disagree with me.

See merged ticket, this happened again when 300-400 new pages per minute were being created, with 35 parallel threads.

hoo claimed this task.

The code in question no longer exists: The wb_entity_per_page table is no longer being updated.