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Unify deployment of integration/config.git changes using the official Wikimedia deployment system
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The integration/config.git repository hold configuration for different bricks of the CI and each of them have different deployment strategy. Moreover, only a subset of people can deploy changes which is rather annoying.

We could switch to use the deployment system i.e. Trebuchet/Scap/git-deploy whatever.

The current state:

Jenkins Job Builder: the jobs are refreshed manually on our machines

Zuul: manually cloned on gallium as user zuul in /etc/zuul/wikimedia then daemon is reloaded

Soonish: diskimage-builder. That involves creating an image and uploading it to the OpenStack infrastructure. Can be done later since that is fairly new.

Indicator of success would be:

  • Zuul changes can be deployed by anyone
  • JJB jobs are maintained from the deployment server, saving the trouble of having to setup JJB locally

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