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HotCat: Invisible autocomplete drop-down list of category field
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In ca. last week, the autocomplete drop-down list of Combined search in "Categories" field of is invisible in some cases. When I click to another window and back to the upload window, the list becomes visible.

See screenshot.

Invisible_drop-down_list.jpg (360×657 px, 38 KB)

Appears in Google Chrome 45.0.2454.85 m.

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This is the HotCat gadget ( and not part of the MediaWiki software itself. There were not changes made to it recently and I'm not aware of anything in MediaWiki that would impact it.

I've been unable to reproduce this issue with any other browsers, or with Chromium 44, and I could reproduce with Chromium 45; therefore I assume it's a regression in the browser. I am not crazy enough to try to isolate a small test case from HotCat's code (so that the issue could be effectively reported upstream), perhaps its maintainers on Commons or the Community-Tech team can help.

(I'm also not sure if anyone tracks HotCat work here on Phabricator; please also report this, or link to this task, on HotCat's talk page.)

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I tried to reproduce this and couldn't. I see the menu working correctly, using Chrome 46.0.2490.71 and using Firefox 41.0.2.

Does it still look broken to you?

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Not able to be reproduced.