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Partial reference text is shown in the reference card in some cases
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To reproduce:

  • Translate "Telegram (software)" from English to Hebrew
  • Click footnote number 29. The reference content is supposed to be "Alimardani, Mahsa (28 August 2015). "Is Telegram's Compliance with Iran Compromising the Digital Security of Its Users?". Global Voices Online. Retrieved 30 August 2015."

However, only "Alimardani, Mahsa (28 August 2015)." is shown in the reference card.

At the bottom of the article the reference is shown correctly in the reference list.

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@Amire80, if this can be reproduced in CX2, can you add "CX2: " to the title, move to the "CX2" column, and set this as a sub-task of T200786?

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No longer happens CX2.