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Convert TimedText to make use of ContentHandler
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We should definitely rewrite the current TimedText to make use of ContentHandler


  • subtitle format definition
  • current format
  • current type (captions/subtitles/chapters etc)
  • language ?
  • getDataInFormat( SRT/VTT/SSA )
  • Possibly also separate wikitext block for license ?
  • Validation ?


  • serialization
  • initially keep as wikitext
  • future convert to json ? Also store language, type and license ?


  • allow you to link with a file ?
  • allow you to set language and type ? (captions/subtitles/chapters etc)

Move the current page view logic into a 'ViewAction'


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[WIP] TimedText should use ContentHandler

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ideas for a json serialization content format:

  "wikipage": "licenses, categories, doc pages, deletion template, redirects, etc ?"
  "track": {
    "type": "text/mw-srt",
    "kind": "captions|subtitles|descriptions|chapters"
    "language": "nl", //optional
    "label": "", // optional, to be shown in player menus ?
    "content": "subtitle file"
    "stylesheet": "" // Optional webVTT stylesheet here ? delivery ?
  1. Currently type and language are also stored inside pagename... What will be the impact if we decouple from that ?
  2. Make track, a tracks array with language code indexing ? There are subtitle formats supporting multiple language tracks inside the same file... would make language attribute serialization a requirement.
  3. Another attribute of subtitles track behavior that is often captured is "forced", meaning that a player should always enable this specific track.
  4. Other metadata info that might be relevant: author(s), date, source url ?
brion added a comment.Oct 20 2016, 3:42 PM

I'm leery of putting the type/kind/language in the content as that either has to be duplicated in the title or we have to fetch all the content entries to do discovery. Lemme check what kind of metadata we can squeeze into a webvtt file directly as well (it'd be awesome if we can make the new style webvtt only if possible, converting just old-style pages when transitioning, but not sure how easy that'll be)

brion added a comment.Oct 28 2016, 7:22 AM

Having spent much of today poking around the manually-maintained .srt.* pages from the TimedText namespace trying to figure out why literally half of them fail to convert using the captioning/captioning composer package, my inclinations are slightly changed.

(Note there are currently about 3750 .srt pages in TimedText namespace on Commons; I haven't counted any non-Commons local subtitle pages.)

I don't think we should be exposing low-level entire files in .srt or .vtt to be edited; they're too fragile. I see extra whitespace, removed whitespace, leading zeros in milliseconds, lack of leading zeros in milliseconds. Cues with wrong numeric order declarations due to cut-n-paste errors, cues with wrong end times due to cut-n-paste errors.

I recommend that the internal format reflect WebVTT's data model (possibly as a literal text blob, possibly as a JSON object model), with output to flat WebVTT files via the PHP web API. (and SRT output if we need to keep the old mwembed player running a while longer; output is easier to manage)

If a good cue-oriented editor with player integration isn't going to happen immediately, we should at least have good input validation that points to syntax errors and prevents them from being saved into the system.

Conversion out of .srt should probably be done as part of the transition to a dedicated TimedText ContentHandler and may require manual cleanup of an automated process -- supporting multiple backend formats with automatic conversion should probably not be a goal, as it's just messy.

Open questions to resolve:

  • Should the backend blob be a flat WebVTT file or a JSON blob with cues as arrays, and possibly extended metadata? (Metadata could be encoded in WebVTT, so one doesn't lock out the other)
  • if we're dropping the .srt extension, this gives a chance to change names -- switch from to TimedText:Foo.webm/en ?
TheDJ added a comment.Nov 1 2016, 12:44 AM

if we're dropping the .srt extension, this gives a chance to change names -- switch from to TimedText:Foo.webm/en ?

I'd like this, but I note that in theory, you can have multiple tracks in the same language. Consider subtitles vs captions, but also video's with 2 audio tracks (main audio and directors commentary). Where to leave that information in this structure ?

TheDJ added a comment.Nov 1 2016, 12:58 AM

P.S. These concerns are part of the reason why i initially had used direct reference to the subtitle pages in the timedtext API patch. Combined with listing such timedtext in the videoinfo api. That way, we would be free to name files almost anything, as long as it was prefixed with the filename, and if the attributes (kind, format, language etc) were provided by the contenthandler.

@brion Are you going to discuss subtitles at the Developer Summit? My proposal for subtitle translation might be ill-timed if these things are going to change a lot in near future, so if you have plans we could fold these together.

Change 236486 abandoned by TheDJ:
[WIP] TimedText should use ContentHandler

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AIUI this is planned but no longer blocks T116154?