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My user talk page in the Catalan and Hebrew Wikipedias has a category with a French name
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I just noticed that my user talk page in the Catalan Wikipedia was converted to Flow. Thanks to whoever did it (@DannyH?).

There's an issue, however: It's in a category that has a French name: "Page de discussion fonctionnant avec Flow". I'm not sure where does it come from; such a message doesn't seem to appear in the Flow codebase.

And while writing this bug report I noticed that the same happened on my Hebrew Wikipedia user talk page, too.

There must be a French category name lurking in some conversion script or configuration file, but I don't know where to look for it.

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Seems me that it's indeed a problem, because @Amire80 you have also a flow page in frwiki in this category, and it exists over there.

I recommend to merge this task with T108467

I'm sorry that these categories are appearing; I know that they're confusing and annoying for the people who see it happen.

This ticket and T111772 are symptoms of a problem that will be fixed by the following three tickets:

T107204: Separate reference tables by wiki
T111084: Do backfill and final schema change for "Segregate Reference objects by source wiki."
T108104: Remove wgFlowMigrateReferenceWiki

The first two are currently moving their way through code review; the third is something we need to ping Ops to do once the others are done.