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When an article contains multiple images, mobile app takes the first image on the page that isn't inside a template as header image.
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When an article contains multiple images, mobile takes the first image on the page, that isn't inside a template. For example, when you watch the article about Geert Wilders (// the mobile app uses the image (// The image is not suitable for the header as it doesn't show the subject, however in the context on the full article it is a correct image. There is a suitable image earlier on the page, but it is in a template. Since this template is a infobox, the image is perfect for the header as it has to describe the subject. So it would be nice if the mobile app used that image instead. This doesn't occur on the mobile website, only when using the mobile app.

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this is a problem, for example the article
displays a map prominently, not all the other images of the article subject.

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This appears to be a bug with the lead image of one/both of the apps not mobile web.

(It also make not be valid now given the changes we have made to pageimages to only pull images from the lead section)

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This is resolved, though perhaps via means other than requested, as far as I can tell from the iOS app with the example cases given.