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Changes made in the page are seen in the DIFF but no in the page itself
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I noticed this bug only once, and on Farsi (Persian) Wikipedia. I'm afraid it is
not reproducible, but it is critical. In order for you to see the pages linked
here correctly, you may need to install/activate your OSs support for Right To
Left languages (including Persian).

Please check the following link:

As you can see, a change made by a user on the talk page, is shown on the DIFF
correctly. Interestingly, if you look at the pages content here:

you will notice that the change which was shown on DIFF is not actually visible
in the page output (it is not in the HTML if you view the source as well.)

This means MediaWiki is not rendering that change for some reason. Now the
things go more complicated; look at this page, which is the "next difference" of
that same page on Farsi Wikipedia:

As you see, a second user has added some other text to the same section of the
page. Normally, we would expect the system to show that the text added by the
previous user is gone (with a yellow background on the right side) and the
additions to be shown on the left with a green background. In this case, you
notice that MediaWiki doesn't even concern about the portions of the text which
are -- virtually -- replaced.

I'm this second user. When editing that page, the text added by the first user
was not even shown in the edit box. This makes me worry if the database is being
written and read correctly.

Fortunately, I've noticed this bug only once among the many diffs I usually
check every day on different Wikipedia pages (English and Persian), but if the
system is going to continue this way, it is prone to lossing many of the edits made.

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