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Spike: integrate text and spatial search
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Even though we store both text (CirrusSearch) and coordinates (GeoData) in the same indexes, they are searched separately. I propose to figure out what can be done to fill this gap. Possiblities include:

  • Ranking text results by proximity to user
  • Restricting search to certain regions
  • Adding geo-related keywords to text searches ("landmark around:37.78,-122.42")
    • Would require making the CirrusSearch keywords system extendable

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I could see some interesting follow ups to this.

  • Proximity based search could impact mobile devices very significantly. We could pilot a treatment of search that was specific to mobile devices and heavily weighed location for relevance [User satisfaction KPI]
  • Geo-related keywords could be really interesting as components of our relevance function. This is assuming we can break down a query into its sub parts and analyze them far deeper then simply prefix of full text search [User satisfaction KPI]
  • Region search is bit tougher as it would likely run behind another tool making it tougher to have a specific user story at this point. [Developer Happiness?]

Curious to see what @Deskana and @EBernhardson think

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@MaxSem @Yurik this seems closeable with the new full text geo features?

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