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[Story] should lead to documentation for the ontology
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Wikidata RDF export uses as ontology base. However, does not lead to any page. It should lead to OWL description of the ontology or at least to some page that describes it.

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Smalyshev edited a custom field.Sep 11 2015, 7:54 PM is built on sculpin which I have no idea how to make do redirects. Does it actually run sculpin or sculpin just being used as page generator and there's some real webserver we could use to make redirects?

It is currently on some mass web hosting service. Someone told me its static, i.e. generated output only. See also T99531 and T99530. So if you want it fast talk to @JeroenDeDauw.

Currently the webserver only has the Sculpin output. PHP is installed on it, so we can make use of PHP if we want.

This ticket and mention the need for redirects. It is not clear to me where to these redirects need to point. Is the OWL description of the ontology already available somewhere?

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@JeroenDeDauw right now the ontology lives at docs/ontology.owl in Wikibase repo. We need to figure out two things:

  1. How to expose it to the outside as an URL
  2. How to make versions of it, so we could have ontology-1.0.owl, ontology-1.1.owl etc.

I think probably the best way to do it is this:

  1. Put current ontology under as static file (just copy it)
  2. Make a 302 redirect from to (important - not 301 since it will always point to the latest one)
  3. Manually add new versions each time we change something in the ontology and move redirects.

This involves some manual work, and I'm not sure how to make redirects work in Sculpin, so if you have a better idea I'd be glad to hear.

Sounds like a reasonable approach to me.

AFAIK you cannot do 302 redirects with Sculpin. Then again, Sculpin does not prevent you from doing redirects on your own, so we could create some trivial PHP script that does it.

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Perhaps a simple server config file (like .htaccess) should work. Not sure if that is supported by the hosting provider though.

.htaccess would definitely work but I don't know how this is hosted and where to put it. @JeroenDeDauw, any insights on this?

Redirects appear to be working as intended. owl file is broken, fix in

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